Even simple transactions can become complicated and challenging without 
the knowledge and expertise of a documentation specialist.  It's important to have
someone with a thorough knowledge and background in Federal vessel documentation
to insure the correct steps are taken when processing your important documents. 

VESSEL DOCUMENTATION SERVICES maintains an account with the
National Vessel Documentation Center.  Importantly,  it provides us with
rapid responses to requested information such as Abstracts of Title, a critical
document to be reviewed when purchasing a boat.  The Abstract of Title is a record
of ownership from the time a vessel is first documented with the National Vessel
Documentation Center and includes any Notice of Claim of Lien that may be recorded.

In addition to providing our services to a local following of boating clients, we also
offer these services to US citizens nationally and internationally. A recent, rather complex
transaction involved the purchase of a vessel in Europe by return clients. This required 
a transfer of ownership allowing them to take possession of the vessel removing it from
foreign registration and into USCG documentation.  We were able to provide them with
all proper documentation required allowing them to sail home and legally enter the
United States with their new boat.

Another of our clients needed to change ownership while on business in India and
was at a loss as to how to handle the sale of their USCG documented vessel while out of
the country.  We were happy to assist them with all the required documentation needed
for a successful transfer of ownership.

We have the experience you require and welcome your questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Maribeth Rogers
Maritime Title

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