As an independent maritime title agency, we provide all services related to 
USCG Vessel Documentation for buyers, brokers, lenders and builders of vessels
meeting the qualifying volume measurement of 5 net tons or more....usually any length 
over 25 feet. 

A sometimes complex process, we take the worry out of filing your 
important documents.  We have the experience to make this a stress free
transaction for you by filing your documents efficiently, effectively and 
responsibly......and at not much cost to you!

Our goal is to be the "Service of Choice" for our boating 

Request for Abstract of Title
Initial Documentation from First Build or State Title
Initial Documentation with/without Preferred Ship's Mortgage
Exchange of Documentation with/without Preferred Ship's Mortgage
Change of Vessel Name, Hailing Port or Trade with/without
Preferred Ship's Mortgage
Deletion from Documentation
Preparation and Filing of Claim of Lien
Review and File Lender Prepared Preferred Ship's Mortgage
USCG Certificate of Ownership
Preparation and Filing of USCG Bill of Sale
Waivers or Commercial Filings
Delaware Registrations
International Services

Commercial or Recreational/Power or Sail
US Citizenship required

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