"Maribeth has helped us gather information on certain boats we have considered buying.  Having this information going into purchase negotiations is a great advantage"
Lou Nagy
Owner, Water Resource Engineering
Ventura, CA
USCG #690392

"Maribeth is a rock star in the marine world.  She came highly recommended, did superb work and is a joy to be around.  If you need anything done, Maribeth will make it happen.  Cannot recommend her more highly."
Gavin McClure
CEO Offshore Odysseys

Dear Maribeth Rogers,

I want to express my thanks for the very professional and efficient manner in which you helped us document and transfer title for the FLYING FISH last year. It was a complex transfer, with the ship originally registered in Florida and with a transfer to a corporate owner here in California.

Your attentiveness and responsiveness resulted in a smooth transfer, enabling us to service our customer and close the deal with a minimum of hassles. When the need arises, I will certainly be happy to utilize your services again.


Don Enderby
AVP Loan Officer
Montecito Bank and Trust
Carpinteria, CA

"My experience with the services at Vessel Documentation Services was exceptional.  Maribeth was caring, professional, and the service was way beyond our expectations.  We had a title issue with our 45' boat, the ODYSSEY, that needed to be resolved ASAP.  We were leaving on a 30 day trip into Mexican waters in two weeks and our documentation was not adequate.  Maribeth was in total command of the situation and saved our trip.  We can only highly recommend Vessel Documentation Services and Maribeth for your documentation needs."

Louis Gatto, owner, ODYSESSY, October 2011
Vet Partners Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree
Louis M. Gatto, CPA  Gatto McFerson, CPA
528 Arizona Avenue, Suite 201
Santa Monica, California 90401

"Business relationships are fostered and nurtured by Performance and Positive Results!

As the owner and broker of Corinthian Yacht and Ship Brokers, I am careful to use the services of vendors that reflect upon my business in a positive light.

I am repeatedly satisfied and confident utilizing the services of Maribeth Rogers

The documentation process necessitates that the attention to exacting details is critical to a smooth and timely transfer of ownership and Maribeth is a shining
example of a professional in her area of expertise.

Maribeth has demonstrated that she handles my valuable clients with the utmost care and courtesy, culminating in a smooth transaction time after time."

Robert J. Merritt, CPYB
Corinthian Yacht and Ship Brokers
Channel Islands, CA

"Several years ago, Maribeth Rogers handled the US documentation of our sailboat, TRAMUNTANA.  This was something we'd wanted to do for years but had no idea how to go about it.  When we asked our marine surveyor if he knew anything about the process, he referred us to Maribeth.  "She'll get it done for you," he said reassuringly.  Indeed, we contacted Maribeth and she made the process of documenting our boat completely effortless.  She provided all forms and gave us clear instructions on how to complete them. We simply returned the completed forms to her and she took care of everything.

Since then, Maribeth has handled the documentation of two more boats for us.  The first was another California boat and the process was as smooth and effortless as it had been on our first boat.  Maribeth handled everything.  The next boat, LOLA, was a boat we had purchased in France with the intent of cruising the Mediterranean with our family (which we are now doing!).  Documenting LOLA, a boat lying in foreign waters, was a significantly more involved process than documenting a boat in the US.  We were entirely unsure how to proceed and were immensely grateful once again to have Maribeth in our corner.  She worked tirelessly on our case and provided crucial guidance regarding the paperwork, translations and document authentications that would be needed to complete our application package for submissions to the NVDC.  Once the package was complete and submitted, she assisted the NVDC personnel when they had questions.  the conclusion of this process was our receiving LOLA'S COD in perfect time for us to carry it with us on our flight to Europe to begin our cruise.

We enthusiastically recommend that anyone who is interested in documenting their boat
contact Maribeth Rogers/VESSEL DOCUMENTATION SERVICES.  As our marine surveyor said, "She'll get it done!" and makes it so easy!"

Gillian Hall
Jordi Puig-Suari
Shell Beach, CA

LOLA USCG #1231732 
LOLA at anchor in Mallorca

Maribeth did my documentation for my boat. She was very professional and rather quick. We had a little stumbling block, then resent the application.  I received my certificate in a couple of weeks. Thank you very much, Maribeth. 

Pete Scott
Ventura, CA

USCG #12439

SIRA III at anchor, Channel Islands
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Maribeth Rogers did an excellent job of getting my boat documented with the Coast Guard.  The process was complicated since the boat was built overseas, and further complicated by the fact that we changed the names of the registered owners after the application was submitted.  But she got the job done expeditiously, guiding me carefully through the process.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing her services.

Bernie Girod
Owner, Farr 400

USCG #1237451

ROCK & ROLL  Yachting Cup 2012
Gillian and Jordi aboard the LOLA
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"No reason to use anyone but Maribeth when handling boat documentation, name changes, et al.  Great service, detail oriented, efficient, and no wasted time spent here.  Outstanding service with a smile.  Dealers use her; I have now used her twice, once from a dealer, once on a "By Owner" deal.  Don't make the mistake of going elsewhere; she is the real deal."

Don Ferreira
Certified Instructor/Sensei
California Real Estate Broker

SENSEI  USCG #1047212

Buyer of the LA FRONDE #611185

Thank you, Maribeth. It was a pleasure working with you too. You offer a valuable service that saves countless hours and frustrations. Thanks for the peace of mind. Please see photo of La Fronde attached.

Nicholas Curtis
Capistrano Beach, CA

Seller of the LA FRONDE #611185

Maribeth did a fantastic job helping us with the change of ownership on the sale of our vessel. We were "For Sale by Owner" and she took care of all the documentation. It was a breeze! She was prompt in all of our correspondence, has a great attention to detail and is super knowledgeable regarding the process. Thanks Maribeth!

Jeanne LaCoste
CA Broker/Owner
Ventura Property Shoppe
Ventura, CA
Vessel Documentation Services' goal is to be the "Service of Choice" - they just completed the title/documentation on my boat. Clearly, Maribeth far EXCEEDED their goal, as my deal was pretty complicated by my desire to use my Trust in Title. NOT complicated for Maribeth, she tackled all the problems like a pro & stayed the course until she finalized my title debacle. Probably took her twice the hours of an "average deal" for her - no complaints, just pure determination!! Attached is a pic of "Grace" (Titled & Happy) parked at a local restaurant waiting for daddy to finish eating.

THANK YOU Maribeth - you're the BEST!!

Dwight Deakin
Channel Islands

GRACE USCG #1077464
​"Superb service and follow through.  Extremely professional and great communication. Always a pleasure to work with Maribeth and VESSEL DOCUMENTATION SERVICES!"

Martin Loge
USCG #1279827
Hailing Port/Santa Barbara, CA